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We are looking for project parters.

If you are interested in working with us, or if you know a potential partner, please contact us!

Promoting sustainable materials and products

We recently discovered this wonderful paper products, made from paper bands. Paper bands were originally used to tie rice bags in Japan and have been developed for crafts. Not only the finished producs can replace plastic and leather products, this material has a big potential of eliminating small items used in glocery stores (with mixed materials and end up in landfill sites).  We would love to connect with people who are interested in disseminating this materials and crafts in whatever way. 

2023-12-09 09.38_edited.jpg

Package reduction

Do you own a cafe, bakery, or apparel shop? Have you thought of how much packaging/bags your business uses and passes over to your customers? How can we reduce the amount of packaging?


Getting a certification

Getting a cerification from a third party is a way to show that your company meets a high standard of social and environmental performance.  You may want to try, but you do not have resources/know-how to prepare documentations and audit. We can help with it.

Writing an application
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